You can book one of the hotels listed below. From these listed hotels we will organize transfers to the tournament area. Reliable hotel prices start from 25 Euro per person and per night and some of them are much more expensive because of their five star rating. If you want us to help you arranging hotel for you, your family or for your team please contact with us. 

Bilkent Hotel

Hotel Excellence Inn

Grand Mercure Ankara

Konur Hotel

Dafne Hotel

Özdemir Hotel

Flight Information

Esenboğa Airport (ESB) is the only airport in Ankara. 

You can search for the flights arriving to Esenboğa Airport via these web pages:

Airport Tansfer

BelkoAir airport transfer is run by Ankara Muinicipality. It’s transfer fee is almost 2 euro for one way.

After your accomodation address is determined, we can assist you for other transfer options or details like the bus stop nearby your hotel.

Transfer Within City

The one-way cab ride from the hotel to the tournament venue costs approximately 10 Euro. If four people share a cab, the roundtrip will cost a total of 5 Euro. This is the maximum price you can expect for the daily transfer costs. On the other hand, you can use public transport, or we could organize a shuttle. In those cases, your daily transfer cost may be as low as one euro per day. We will provide updates on these options later.