Tournament Schedule

  • Japanese rules
  • 6.5 komi
  • Time control: Fischer time: 45 minutes starting time with the increment of 20 seconds per move
  • Pairing program: McMahon pairing using the McMahon 3.9

All players must be nationals of an EGF-member country. (Click here to see EGF members.)

“For determining if a player falls in a certain age category he/she must be born on or after 1st January of the corresponding year of birth for all three age categories, U20, U16 and U12.” (Ref:

  • Register “U12”, birth date after 01 January 2011 or later.
  • Register “U16”, birth date between 01 January 2007 and 01 January 2011.
  • Register “U20”, birth date between 01 January 2003 and 01 January 2007.
Tournament Hall:

Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Tunçalp Özgen Kongre ve Kültür Merkezi
06800 Beytepe – ANKARA

Ankara, capital of Turkey
Side Events

Side events’ details will be announced later.
Likely events are:
Mancala game workshop for kids
Go teaching workshop 
Go lessons by professional teachers
And we will have board games for kids to play in their free time.